Full-Stack Developer

We are seeking a passionate programmer ready to join an exciting, growing studio. You should be comfortable with working across disciplines, able to take initiative and independently find creative solutions to complex problems. We strive for technical excellence and need you to venture outside of your comfort zone, learning and implementing new technologies.


What you will do:

  • Free rein to design and implement in-house tools with ASP.NET Core and Angular
  • Use a modern stack based on Kubernetes, .NET Core, NoSQL, Redis and PostgreSQL
  • Build stateless services with optimistic concurrency and backwards compatible APIs
  • Build tools for game designers, artists and other internal departments
  • Implement new game mechanics using our in-house developed game server platform
  • Research, evaluate and prototype with new technologies to expand our ever growing toolbox
  • Write tests to ensure the code really does what it needs to, and keeps on doing so
  • Rapidly iterate and frequently deploy internally with our automated CI/CD pipeline
  • Be creative and vocal to improve the development team and process


How you will do this:

  • You are quality-oriented and meticulous
  • You make realistic time estimates and know your limits and weaknesses
  • You have excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • You research, experiment and even fail, and learn from your mistakes
  • You know your way around CLI tools and a linux console when the UI no longer offers what you need
  • You balance the technical value versus the business value, and keep us honest and on track


What we have done recently:

  • Code-base wide cleanup, streamlined our collection of Microservices and paid off our tech debt
  • Fully automated our CI/CD pipeline with multiple environments and frictionless zero-downtime deployments to production
  • Re-envisioned our in-house game server platform to support delayed authority and local simulation on game clients
  • Updated to the latest version of all backend libraries, tools and platform used, and kept up-to-date since
  • Enabled the Art and Design department to deploy asset and game data changes without technical assistance
  • Contributed enhancements and fixes to open source projects such as Microsoft Orleans and SignalR


The role:

  • Job Title: Developer
  • Work Schedule: Full time employment in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Salary and role: Depending on experience
  • Start Date: ASAP

Please submit your application, CV and include links to any external projects, GitHub repositories, LinkedIn profile, etc.

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